Bleak House Chapter 22-27

These few chapters are slow moving while you can’t skip them.

Main events:

Caddy formally engaged with Prince-got their selfish parents half-heart consent.

Richard changed his mind again and dropped Law. Suggested by Mr. J, Ada and Richard disengaged-I started dislike Richard.He is a victim of the case while he is foolish and lazy enough to be influenced by it. Facing the same problem, one has different choice and this choice undoubtedly leads him to Madness.

Charley became maid of Esther-But still don\t know what role she will play in the story.

Mr. Bucket found Mr. Gridley who has been hiding in Mr. George’s place. But Gridley dropped dead before Bucket took him away. -From here, the connections between different people become very complicated. One character leads to the other and I am quite lost sometimes. I think Dickens might purposely lengthen the story to get paid more. Some description in minor characters are not very necessary and distracting. But I might  be wrong and it is too early to draw the judgement.

Noname=Captain Hawdon ?-but why people took huge interested in finding out who he was? who commission them to do that?


《美国国家地理杂志》(2017年6月)主打文章WHY WE LIE是关于说谎的,我觉得很有意思。

人的理智告诉我们,说谎是不好的,从小父母、老师、各种社会势力都让人认识到谎言的丑恶。但人却不能停止说谎,区别只不过是有些谎言会造成不好的影响(fraud,fake,cheating,plagiarism etc),有些无伤大雅(White lies)。但无论是什么谎言,说谎始终是不真实,这种矛盾让人类既是羞愧,又是欲罢不能。如果有人说,这辈子从来不说谎,本身这个宣言就是谎言。越是洗白自己的,越是黑心,越是不可信。


“What drives the increase in lying sophistication is the development of child’s ability to put himself or herself in someone’s shoes. Known as theory of mind, this is the facility we acquired for understanding the beliefs, intentions, and knowledge of others. Also fundamental to lying is the brain’s executive function: the abilities required for planning, attention, and self-control.”



“Here we give people a chance to steal lots of money and people cheat only a little bit. So something stops us–most of us–from not lying all the way…the reason…is that we want to see ourselves as honest, because we have, to some degree, internalized honesty as a value taught to us by society. Which is why, unless one is a sociopath, most of us place limits on how much we are willing to lie.”



Lie to Me

Catch me if you can

Big little lies

The Dressmaker