Bleak House Chapter 22-27

These few chapters are slow moving while you can’t skip them.

Main events:

Caddy formally engaged with Prince-got their selfish parents half-heart consent.

Richard changed his mind again and dropped Law. Suggested by Mr. J, Ada and Richard disengaged-I started dislike Richard.He is a victim of the case while he is foolish and lazy enough to be influenced by it. Facing the same problem, one has different choice and this choice undoubtedly leads him to Madness.

Charley became maid of Esther-But still don\t know what role she will play in the story.

Mr. Bucket found Mr. Gridley who has been hiding in Mr. George’s place. But Gridley dropped dead before Bucket took him away. -From here, the connections between different people become very complicated. One character leads to the other and I am quite lost sometimes. I think Dickens might purposely lengthen the story to get paid more. Some description in minor characters are not very necessary and distracting. But I might  be wrong and it is too early to draw the judgement.

Noname=Captain Hawdon ?-but why people took huge interested in finding out who he was? who commission them to do that?


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