Sacristan of St Botolph by William Gilbert

The story involved a Hypocrite, an imp and a demonic pig. It muses me not as a religious tale with moral lesson but a humorous story more like a folk tales.

The Sacristan is a miser without a doubt but he is also smart and tricky. Though much annoyed, he still found excuses to justify his intention and selfishness. He tried his best to combat the imp and get rid of the pig and he knew where to find comfort.

It is more like a man comes to know the bad consequence of hypocrisy and selfishness than merely obeying the will of God. It is very English-the decency and hypocrisy in extreme, which constantly reminds me of The Tale of Mr.  Tod by Beatrix Potter, Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens and Watching the English by Kate Fox.


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