The Complete Prose of Woody Allen by Woody Allen

This is a collection of Woody Allen‘s three books:Without Feathers, Getting Even, Side Effects. All are Woody Allen‘s short stories/gags/prose without theme but very Woody Allen.

I am not sure if I am “Fans” of Woody Allen. But I have watched most of his movies, shows and books. And I enjoy them (though some of them are not very good). What attracts me of Woody Allen is his attitude of life and death. I share the same views of him: Life is so meaningless, death is unavoidable, why we should live but why we are reluctant to accept death, why love is so amazing while destructive? Why why why? Woody Allen keeps asking himself almost the same questions in every his movies and you can see clearly from his writing that the questions always hovering his mind. Compared to his movies, the writing is more hilarious, bizarre and wild. To understand Woody Allen, you have to know a lot (you can see he is an extensive reader), but not have your own views compromised. In another word, you have to be a genuine “free thinker”.

I have very good laugh from reading his prose. There is no moral judgment in them(Bravo! how much I hate moral criticism and those religious talks). He maximizes the charm of ironies: the narrator don’t look amused; he is troubled by somethings; he keeps murmuring  questions to himself; quest-but without an answer; he sees ridiculousness from everyday life/ordinary things, thus he thinks/reacts differently-these make us laugh with reflection later on. We keep watching Woody Allen‘s movies even the stories are boring because we love his ironies! Woody Allen has sharp eyes and quick thought–this is genius what makes him special.

Here are some of quotes I really enjoy:

If God is everywhere, I had concluded,then He is in food. Therefore, the more I ate the godlier I would become.

–looks illogical? but there is logic? why not? your say.

More than any other time in history, mankind faces a crossroads. One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness. The other, to total extinction. Let us pray we have the wisdom to choose correctly.I speak, by the way, not with any sense of futility, but with a panicky conviction of the absolute meaningless of existence which could easily be misinterpreted as pessimism. It is not. It is merely a healthy concern fir the predicament of modern man.

Choice? but there is no choice? How miserable we human are! But this is sensible! Pessimism? Healthy prediction? so how should we live on? Yes there is no choice but live on…

P.S. If you have a job, you are forced to have (or pretend to have) positive thinking. You have to accept brainwash of company value and work ethic. You have to make yourself cheerful, love to embrace change and challenge, and feel happy to interact with others. It is because the law of commerce and economy rely on “keep moving/changing and growing”. In order to drag yourself to be part of it, you have to believe there would be a better future. But if we look at natural history, or think about all the facts, you will find out earth will eventually die and there is no future of human being. For our individuals, we will die and all the good things we gain during our life are nothing. You will lose interest in life, you will feel ridiculous to pursuit your ambition and meaningless to accumulate wealth. It is better for most of us not overthinking the sad truth but keep running to work and believing what society told us. From time to time, we can escape from the reality by hiding in literature which authors endeavor to tell us truth of human life. And it is good to have something like Woody Allen‘s which make you laugh but not too shallow to make you reflect on something you trying to ignore–the truth of life and death.


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