Seeing a bigger picture

One day, I walked into my boss’s office, demanding a decent pay rise.

My boss said to me,”let me tell you a story. ”

I forced myself to listen it. But subconsciously,  I have strong impulse to throw the computer to his flat face.

He started–

“Well, long long time ago, there was a man walking in the street of Rome. When he passed a cathedral that was under construction, he saw couple of workers busy building the wall. He asked one of them,’what are you doing?’ The worker looked quite unhappy. He replied, ‘Look, I stick one brick to the wall, and another, and the other. I repeat doing it 20 times for the same thing today. Then I will go home and have sleep and come back tomorrow to do the same thing again.’ The man asked the other worker who look more merrier. The other worker said, ‘I stick one brick to the wall, I do it 20 times a day and eventually, there will be a magnificent cathedral. How nice that would be!’

“What’s the brick-making has any business to do with me.”I said,” We are an advertisement company.”

“Can’t you see, the story is about seeing the bigger picture?”

“I am talking about my pay rise.”

“You will work happier if you can see the bigger picture!” The boss shut the door and never mention the pay rise again.

Next day, I bought myself a cell phone that has massive screen like a brick and I started to see pictures on it.

I thought I have captured the meaning of my boss’s story.



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