The Anti-Cool Girl by Rosie Waterland

One day, my supervisor asked me:Have you read a book called The Anti-cool Girl? My friend read a copy from Kindle and she loooooved it.

I: what the hell is that? Never hear of this book.

S: do you want to read it? to see if it is good?

I: well, ok. If I can find a copy from libraries, then I will read it.

S: Good! I know you love reading.You read it then tell me if it is good enough to buy one.

I thought, enn, you trick me into reading a fast food book! Damn, but no problem, I will read it if I can find one from the library.

I did find one from our library.

Then I started to read this book that I thought might be a shitty one (to be honest, I didn’t take the fancy of the cover, reckon it not nice at all). I read and read and read on. And I have to take back my words–this is not a shitty book, this is awesome and much better than I expected and I love it!

The style of writing is so free and creative and very easy to understand. It is very straight forward, you believe what she told you and you laugh and cry and totally into it. I have read many books about miserable childhood-sexually offense, child abuse, bullying, mental problem. These kind of books are usually heavy and make you feel desperate. Rosie had experienced unhealthy family live when she was young and it greatly affected her life when she grows up. But she laughs at it. She laughs at it not merely want to be funny and make people laugh. She laughs at it after she hit to the bottom and realized the most important thing in her life is to love herself. Here self love is not being selfish. It is all about building confident to accept who you are.

I feel the same thing as Rosie felt. I have some kind of unhappy childhood (of course mine is much much better than most of people), I have terrible love experience, I have self doubted and I have trifle worries like Rosie mentioned in her book. But I have live with the pain and go through it to become a confident woman.And I glad to see other people have the similar social problem– I know I am not the only queer one.

I laugh along with Rosie’s sexual experience. I am amazed to see she can openly talk about all those sexual issues like the first make love, hood ups, random sex and head job. I wonder how many girls would giggle and think “that is right” when they read them. It is funny, so true and with a bitter after taste. I mean, after the laugh, I felt there are so much need to be worked on to change the mentality of relationship of two sexes.

Thanks for sharing your story, Rosie. You are amazing!




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