History of Art-Egyptian Art

The old Kingdom

Upper Egypt defeated Lower Egypt led by King Narmer

painting on palette of king Narmer-strong sense of order

3rd Dynasty

Beauty of style developed

Mastabas>>> step Pyramid,eg. step Pyramid of king Zoser

4th Dynasty

Great Pyramids of Mycerinus in Giza: Mycerinus,Chefren,Cheops

The great Sphinx

Chefren portrait statues

Mycerinus and his queen

Seated Scribe

Tomb decoration:Ti watching a Hippopotamus Hunt; Cattle Forting a River

Middle Kingdom

Collapse of centralized pharaonic power at the end of 6th D; political Disturbances 700ys followed

exception: 11&12th D

Feeding the Oryxes; Portrait of Sesostris III

New Kingdom

Temple of Hatshepsut

Temple of At Luxor

Brick used as cheaper and more convenient material

Akhenaten: revolution. himself and Queen Nofretete and their daughters

Tutankhamen: undisturbed tomb preserved most abundant relief.


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