History of art-late old stone age to Neolithic age

Paleolithic art: take a chance . The art of old stone age in Europe but decline sooner after.neolithic revolution transfer old stone age to new stone age.

the art during this transforming period.

1, prehistoric jericho:

perpetuate life beyond death.

heads above ground while the rest of the body was buried beneath.

heads-spirit traps. paint on the human skull

but no pottery

2, Catal Huyuk in Anatolia:

people enter house through roof. no door

animal hunt painting on the wall-echoes of cave painting

town and two cone volcano painting

the neolithic revolution coming shortly. transformation of animal into gods in the old stone age

Neolithic art:
Europe-Dolmen(Brittany 1500B.C);Stonehenge(Salisbury Plain,England,2000B.C)

America-Great Serpent Mound(Adams County,Ohio,300-400B.C.)


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