Buried Cities: Pompeii, Olympia, Mycenae by Jennie Hall

I enjoyed Jennie’s Viking Tales immensely and can’t wait to see another book. I couldn’t find much information of Jennie Hall. The only information I could find is brief introduction in Goodread:

Renowned historical writer of the late eighteen century, Hall chiefly wrote spellbinding travel memoirs. Her works are known for their vibrant narratives and vivid descriptions.

Not much books I could found but from what I have read so far, her books are interesting and suitable for young readers. Usually starts with a semi-fiction tales with historical background, Hall extend discussion of related background after the stories. So you can enjoy the story without tangling with dates, historical evens, names etc while you will gain more than just reading a historical fiction with help of further explanation.

I have recently finished reading Life of Greece, one of the collection of Story of Civilization. In this book, Mycenae, Greece and Roman culture and custom were under detail analysis. I gain knowledge of Greece history from this book which help my reading of Hall’s Buried City very smoothly.

The book was comprised of 3 independent though somewhat related stories. The Pompeii story is most breath-taking one which outline the escape of a slave from the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Second story is presenting a festival in Olympia with so much joy which we could only see through our imagination nowadays. The last one is the discovery of Ancient Mycencae which is quite correlated to the Life of Greece.

Compared to Viking Tales, these 3 stories are a little bit trying for young readers who don’t have related knowledge for Greek history. Parents can give explanation for kids, eg, who the gods are and who power they have, where is the ancient city and how it looks like nowadays. Google maps and image can be helpful tool and pictures from Museum are doubtless necessary.

Hope you would enjoy this book!




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