Anne of Avonlea by Lucy Maud Montgomery

I spent another week reading the 2nd Anne’s book.

Davy no doubt is my favorite character. He is “naughty”, unpredictable, capable to achieve so many lovely mischief and constantly teasing his twin sister and religious teaching. He asked many questions and demand straight forward–“I want to know”.I can’t help loving him. To me he is a REAL child, full of life. As a skeptic, I sort of hate too much religious practice and rules. The moral standard imposed by the elders to the kids making them “good” –the boring good. Christianity teaching might make kid grown up behaved(no swearing, can’t say particular thing on Sunday, pray before meal and before sleep, can’t say or do HORRIBLE things to other etc). But it can also made people grow up without imagination and humor, tend to judge others with prejudge and treat all sort of petty things with narrow vision and picky attitude.But it is quite fun to read through all these, regardless Christianity or not.

There are too much details at which I have good laugh and I am on the way reading Book 3.

P.S. I like the cover of this edition:)


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