Emily of New Moon by Lucy Maud Montgomery

I  never read any books written by Montgomery until a month ago. She is beloved writer of many readers in all age and I have heard her name frequently mentioned by some of my Blogger friends.

I thought, it won’t make harm if I try one of her books. If I don’t like it, I won’t read any more but if I like it, I will read all of her work. I was amazed by how many books she had written and I wonder how could she manage to write some many serials and so many other short stories.

Emily of New Moon is the first book I read among her work. And guess what? I LOVE it. Yes, I mean it. Montgomery had talent to tell stories and very good at characterize kids, young girls and old people. Her stories are simple and all the characters are pretty common but some how, it is humorous, interesting and give us much fun.

I recalled my childhood while I read this book– My daydream, my love of reading and composing stories (some are pretty silly though), my adventure and my simple-minded worries. I laughed and cries as story developed. But the beauty of the Montgomery’s stories is not the plot but the way she describe things and the charm of her language. Road of Yesterday, White Cross, New Moon, Adam-and-Eva tree etc..the language she used were pretty simple and easy to understand, however, very lovely and imaginative.

I love the story but I think the end of the story looks a bit absurd and rush. Montgomery seems to want to make Ilse loved and compensated by her father and everything went smooth. Ilse’s mother was thought to be a flirt and run with another man. It was found she was murdered and thrown to the abandoned well because of Emily’s dream during her fever. Woman was forgiven while dead but without stain of morality; but she was hated and detested by people if she seek another lover. This old rule of morals makes me a bit uneasy.I would rather the story ended with a unsolved puzzle of whether Ilse’s mother did run away and no truth was revealed.

I am currently reading Anne Books (the famous serials of Montgomery). I think I would indulge myself in reading Montgomery’s work till winter. I would like to possess a full collection of her Letters and Diaries but I may put it on my purchase list next year (After I finish reading all her Fiction.)



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