Their Finest Hour::Chapter 1 The National Coalition


The very first thing Churchill has to do was to form the National Coalition Government. He offered Chamberlain as head of House of Common and was accepted. But due to the opposition of Labors, it was decided Churchill took the leadership. Though members of Conservation have sore feeling to serve under Churchill, their royalty towards appointed leader had surpass their personal feeling. Churchill found out, forming Coalition government in war time is much easier than in peace time.

Churchill, at the beginning of the chapter, has praised the contribution of British people and their Allies. By comparison, British army contributed more at the beginning of the war while force of army of USA has greatly increased during the war and finally surpassed Britain in the spring of 1944. USA was the main force in Pacific but the main battle is in Mediterranean where Britain has millions of lives perished and turn into dust.

Churchill had organised a small War Cabinet that began by only 5 members, of whom one only, the Foreign Secretary, had a department. No. of the attendants had increased but the main responsibility was laid on the main five.

The main five(p.13):

Churchill  (Conservative)  PM, First Lord of Treasury, Minister of Defence,  Leader of House of Common

Chamberlain (Conservative)  Lord President of the Council

C.R.Attlee (Labour)  Lord Privy Seal

Lord Halifax (Conservative) Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs

Arthur Greenwood (Labour) Minister without Portfolio

After  the vote of confidence in the new administration in House of Commons on 13/5, Churchill has gain majority support and he said”I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweet.” As simple as it is , it has great effect on people’s spirit. They are ready to fight for peace now.






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