The Gathering of Storm:: Chapter 11 Hilter Strike


After Jan 1936, people’s attitude toward war changed. Having seen Mussolini’s conquest of Ethiopia and its brutal use of poison gas, the Hoare-Lavel negotiations  and the discomfiture of  the league of Nations, more and more people supported the using of force to against tyranny of Fascism and Nazi.

It is not fair to blame on France only as they did ask for help (just promise, not committed actions) from Britain but it was rejected by PM who afraid to be involved in war.France was set on the dismal conclusion that Britain will not offer help and too upset to flight for itself. The reoccupation of the Rhineland by Germany thus accomplished without difficulty.

Churchill has mentioned he was kept out of the new created position in government but he was not unhappy. He has a book to write, History of the English-speaking People. He said,

Writing a long and substantial book is like having a friend and companion at your side, to whom you can always turn for comfort and amusement, and whose society becomes more attractive as a new and widening field of interest is lighted in the mind.

I have the pdf copy of this book and I might put it in my reading list. Hey, Churchill is a good promoter, he never forgot mentioned what he did and what he wrote in all of his writing!




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