Bible Read::Exodus 1-5


Second Chapter of Bible. I am now reading the second or third generation of Israel.

As Israel people were growing stronger and richer, the Egyptian were envious and the new Pharaoh made Israel people slaves and used them ill (mild version of what Nazi did to Jews in concentration camp) .

Pharaoh forbidden Hebrews to give birth to boys but this was not followed faithfully. Moses would be dead if not saved by Pharaoh’s daughter. When he grown up, he slew an Egyptian who smiting an Hebrew and was fled from the eyes of Pharaoh.

He was called by God and was told to go back to Egypt to save his people. Moses was not a smart man and slow in speech. But God gave him some power to show miracles which will strengthen the faith on God. And God asked Moses to find his brother as a spokesman.

#miracle 1

when rod was cast into the floor, it will become a serpent; catch the tail of the serpent then it turns back as a rod

#miracle 2

Moses’ hands was leprous as snow when he put his hands from his bosom; it will gone if he do it again

#miracle 3

water that taken out of  the river become blood upon the dry land


But Moses, like common people, still had doubt of himself and the Lord. God was a bit mad at Moses but he tried to be calm and patient. God said:

Who hath made man’s mouth? or who maketh the dumb, or deaf, or the seeing, or the blind? have not I the Lord?

God can make one dumb, deaf, blind, but God can also make one smart, hearing well and have sharp eyes–If you have faith.Believing in God may generate more self confident and men would be more ease to action?


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