The Gathering of Storm:: Chapter 9,10


I havn’t have much time to write my notes of reading but I managed to finish 2 chapters in a week. So I decide to write all together.

Chapter 9 Problems of air and sea 1935-1939

Here Churchill discussed British Navy power and its development after WWI. Same as air force, British government unwilling to invest on navy and was bounded by treaty.Churchill argued that they should build battleships with nine 16-inch guns in three turrets instead of ten 4-inch guns in four turrets. But his suggestions were not accepted (again). But British has fully explored the usage of Radar and applied it to develop Asdics to detect submarines. This was proved to be extremely workable in WWII.

Chapter 10 Sanctions against Italy

Regarding Italy’s aggression against Abyssinia,League of Nations imposed half-hearted sanctions which will only provoke but can not stop Italy. Churchill saw the danger if Italy was driven out by League of Nations and stand with Germany.He said, —

unless they were prepared to back words and gestures by action, it might have been better to keep out of it all, like the USA and let things rip and see what happen.

Mr. Baldwin, who was supported by pacifist,became PM. Eager to please his supporters, Mr. Baldwin against rearmament and  declared–

We mush keep peace at any price



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