The Gathering of Storm:: Chapter 8 Challenge and Response


Anglo-German Navel Agreement:

*German Navy capacity should not excess 1/3 of British

*Germany argued for their right to build U-Boat, 60% of British submarine strength and in a circumstances were exceptional, might build 100% 

*set Germany’s yards to work at max activity for at least 10 years which enable them to build as fast as possible

*Quote of ships assigned to Germany by Britain was more lavish than Germany found it expedient to use.

* authorized to build 5 capital ships, 2 aircraft carriers, 21 cruisers, 64 destroyers.

* in the design of new battleships the Germans had the further advantage of not being parties to the provisions of the Washington Naval Agreement for the London Conference. The immediately laid down the Bismrck and Tirpitz and while Britain, France and U.S.A. were all bond by 3500 tons limitation, these two great vessels were being designed with a displacement of over 45000 tons

*Allies were divided by this private agreement.

How Germany prepared for the army force:

*Formal establishment of conscription in 16/3/1935 marked the fundamental challenge to Versaille. Reichswehr was reorganized and renamed to Wehrmacht. The army was to be subordinated to the supreme leadership of the Fuehrer. Every solider took the oath, not as formerly, to the Constitution, but to the person of Adolf Hilter. The war Ministry was directly subordinated to the orders of the Fueher.

* 3 headquarters-Berlin, Cassel, Dresden;10 (later 12) Wehrkreise (i.e. Military districts); each district has 3 division of Army Corps; 1 (later 3) additional Armoured Division.

*Prime task if regimentation of German youth, start in the ranks of the Hilter Youth.Boys aged over 18 years on voluntary basis into the S.A for 2 years.

*26/6/1935 males over 20 years had compulsory duty to service in Work Battalions/Arbeitsdienst which emphasis on abolition of class and the stressing of the social unity of the German people.

*reopen German Staff College.

*Refinance for rearmament by Dr. Schacht as Economic Dictator.

French reaction:

The French government had not accepted all the reductions of their own forces pressed upon them by their ally; but, like their British colleagues, they lacked the quality to resist on any effective manner what Seeckt in this day had called’ the Resurrection of German Military Power’.



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