The Trial, by Franz Kafka

I gave up reading the book after I have finished 50% of the pages. It was less attractive than the The Metamorphosis, and even more depressing.

The whole story is a repeat of nonsense. It is nonsense that K was house arrested without a proper reasons; all the trails he went through were meaningless and ridiculous; the conversation, the relationship between different characters, are very illogical; the intention is suspicious, the purpose null.

While I reading this book, it constantly reminds me of Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Both writers resemble a similar style of writing: the meaning was comes from all the meaningless mess.Both writing are really hard to be understood. I can’t say I understand what Kafka said. I can’t waive the horrible feeling while I reading his books.

What I can see from his books is, he told us a simple truth of human life: individual is so vulnerable under special circumstance. Those happen in the story seem absurd and would never happen in reality; but more or less, it does happen in reality. Look at the history of concentration camp, look at what happen in Cultural revolution, look at assassinations that would never be known to common people in everyday life. You won’t realize things could be so bad and so desperate until it happen to you.

K refused to believe his life has been changed. He repeated saying, it is nothing to me, it doesn’t affect my life a bit, it is not important at all. He denied his true feeling, he pretend everything is OK and he was not affected.I vaguely feel that Kafka wanted to say, it is almost a sin that one refuses to face the reality. In The Metamorphosis, Gregor still thought and reacted as change never happen to him. He reckoned his family has the same tender feeling towards him as one towards human being. In The Trial, K never did something workable to rid himself of the trail. He childishly thought he can gain the peace and victory by showing he has never been affected. He was summoned to the first trail and he voluntarily went there again without being summon. He was innocent at the first beginning but gradually make himself more suspicious.

Men live in their dreams and never want to be waken up.

I can’t comment more on this book as I haven’t finished all of it.



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