The Gathering of Storm:: Chapter 5 The Locust Years


The Herriot Plan:

The essence of this was the reconstitution of all European defense forces as short-service armies with limited numbers, admitting equality of status but not necessarily accepting equality of strength. In fact and in principle, the admission of equality of status made it impossible ultimately not to accept equality of strength.

Sometimes I think WWII is inevitable. After WWI, many countries were eager to shape off shadow and memory of war and focused on recovery. To ensure general economic revive in Europe, it is hard to isolate Germany and put it in a poor and weak situation.  Therefore, the victors have to consider which to give and which to take from the vanquished.

Germany, with the leading of Socialist then Nazi government demanded remove of disarmament which is impossible for Allies to approve.  The Allies, tend to reduce arm force of France and even all European countries to a certain level to create a equality of status. In some degree, it is hard to blame the general wish of peace, but Churchill, who has extensive information and exceptional judgment, saw that it is wise to invest on defense force, esp air force, instead of cutting the force power.

Churchill has mentioned Japan in this chapter (and praise Chinese government flight with spirit!)

Japan, on 27th, March, 1933, withdrew from the league of Nations. Germany and Japan had been on opposite sides, in the war; they now looked towards each other in a different mood.

Relationship between countries various according to their interest. What brings Jap and Germany together will eventually make them apart.


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