Bible Read::Genesis 21-33



God did temp Abraham, to see if he honor the God more than his love for his son Isaac. Abraham never hesitated on offering his most cherished son and he followed the word of God without doubt.

God looks a bit tricky but his intention is to test if Abraham is a true follower, to see if he has faith as strong as stone. I remember a game that we let ourselves fall and trust our mates to support us and make us free from harm. It is all about trust and faith. In some situation, men without faith might allow themselves to do some evil conducts; but men with faith and standard will refrain themselves and thus were not temped. I can understand a bit why god try to test Abraham as it is so hard to tell who is the true followers.God didn’t intend to do harm on Abraham and his son, he reward them for best wishes and blessing.


story of Esau and Jacob (sons of Isaac).

To me, Jacob is more like a smart young man that want more but not willing to put real effort. He reckon he can get what he want by cheating. Esau is like an honest, less tricky man with interest in man’s game and seldom think over twice before action. That is why he was get into trouble and sold his birthright for food. With help of his mum Rebekah, Jacob pretended to be his brother Esau and thus got the blessing from his dying father Isaac.

What Jacob did doesn’t sound right. He cheat his brother and his father which is dishonor to me. But I think he got punish as he was forced to run away to the other place and earn his living and women by raising cattle for other men. I think this teaching him to earn thing by real labor and effort, not by cheating his family(“Thus I was;in the day the drought consume me, and the frost by night; and my sleep departed from mine eyes”31-(40)). This story teach us that we should cherish our birthright and blessing. If we have faith, birthright and blessing won’t be taken from us (Esau). And we can not get others’ birthright and blessing by conducting fault; we are the sinners, we redeem our sin by real hard work, there is no shortcut (Jacob).

One question: can the blessing pass on to one generation to the next generation? if yes, is the blessing mean to be passed to the elder or to the most loved?



is it a plant with the root shaped like human? is there any meaning on this?


“he touched the hollow of his thigh; and the hollow of Jacob’s thigh was out of joint, as he wrestled with him”      32-(25)

“therefore the children of Israel eat not of the sinew which shrank”    32-(32)

I can’t understand this at the first beginning and have found some explanation that can help to clarify a bit.


Jacob was renamed Israel.

is it the ancestor of Israel? Renaming Jacob is giving the sinner a chance to be a better and greater man?





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