Bible Read::Genesis::: why god punished Adam and Eva


I have mentioned in my Bible Read::Genesis1-3 that god has punished Adam and Eva for they have eaten the forbidden fruit. I thought, enn, god has lied to Adam and Eva for telling them the fruit can cause them death and god punished them so hard for their misbehavior.

I thought over on this subject aftermath and I think I understand more.

Adam and Eva have everything in the Garden of Eden and they are perfect and happy. But they were not satisfied and can not resist the temptation. They ate the fruit and bear their shame.But they still don’t know that is Truth–what is good and what is evil. Their descendants, i.e. us still can’t tell what is good and what is evil. God punished them but did not wipe them out. God punished human by making them earning their living and suffering before death to redeem sin.

This story can’t be viewed as true story and can not be judged by modern logic. In my view, this story indicates why human exist and what happen to human during  their lives, why we need to believe in god and what is our sin.

We are sinner because we have so much while lack of gratitude and satisfaction. We want more and more and extend our hands to Nature like an indulgent child. We want more wealth, we want to live longer, we want beauty and lasting love and happiness. We seldom stop and think, well, I am so fortunated, I have so much and I feel thankful for what I have. We commend more sins by desiring more.

Why we believe in god? I still don’t believe that there is such a god like the Lord in the bible. But I do believe that there is a power that beyond the control of human, name it Nature, destiny, or else. This power control live by giving us some and taking away some, but always fair. Fair, by treating human like a flower or a beast or a dust, everything is equal. By believing god or the mighty power, we start to realize what small we are and how lucky we are. We start to focus less on ourselves but more on the world, the universe and other creature. We self reflect and try to achieve inner peace and happiness regardless what happen to us.

By following God’s word,we learn what is good and evil and try doing good to redeem our sins. We come back to the road to heaven,like Adam and Eva are finding their good old home, the Garden of Eden. But we can never get there. We can only come closer.That can vaguely explain why we have to suffer, why we have to worry so much and how much effort we have to put in to gain inner peace and ultimate happiness.

The above is just my understanding after some thinking. I am not sure if it is right but it can be one way to explain the nature and meaning of life. Life is not easy but well worthy.


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