Bible Read::Genesis 16-20


I really like the language of Bible, simple but without lack of beauty. But I found a bit trouble to understand why god has to punish and what is wrong and why there is such and such rules on human.

For example, why god required men to practice circumcision? is it something to do with purity and scarify to the Mighty God? I know only Judaism practice of circumcision but why they keep doing this? Why Christian don’t practice circumcision? what is the meaning of doing that?

And Abraham has “lied” to Abimelech that Sarah is his sister and thus Abimelech took Sarah. He was punished by the Lord so “all the worms of the house of  Abimelech was fast closed up”. In my view, it is Abraham that lied (or try to hide) at the first beginning, plus Abimelech didn’ t touch Sarah, why he got punish but not the liar? What’s more, why the god punish the women and make them childless? It is nothing to do with the women,right?

I don’t understand and I don’t think the god is fair.

I did admire when Abraham tried to argue with the god, asking if the god will destroy the righteous with the wicked. But what is righteous and what is wicked? Those who follow and respect god might be the righteous? But how about people that are not the god follower while he never did wrong?

The more I read, the more I doubt.


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