July and August read of John Burroughs

john_burroughs_quote I am a big fans of John Burroughs. I love his writing of birds, bees, squirrels and all the trees, flowers and even weeds. Nature is so colorful and charming under his pen. I have started the reading project of all his work that I can find. I try to hunt for a paper copy of all his writing but it is really hard to get one, not mention the full collection. There are free kindle copies that I can obtain but I doubt some books might be missing (sign..). Anyway, I downloaded all his book to my kindle and start to read one by one. I have read:

A Year in the Fields


The Writings of John Burroughs — Volume 05: Pepacton

My Boyhood

Fresh Fields

The first four are pretty interesting while I am greatly disappointed by the last one. Fresh Fields is a collection of what he saw and what he felt while in Britain. He has presented England and Scotland feature romantically but I reckon he talked too much. Every page is merely repeating of the first few chapters. I am not very interested in what he said mainly because I am not familiar with the places he traveled  I dropped the book half way and decided to read it after I travel in England. I have never been in England but I will definitely be there during my life. I like England and as Australia used to be a colony (and still quite closely related to ) of England, I really want to know more about it. Doesn’t mean I lose faith on Old Johnny. He is still one of my favorites. I am currently reading Camping with President Roosevelt and greatly enjoy it. Old Johnny is humble, natural but not lack of wit and humor. I am pretty sure Mr. President enjoyed faring with him.


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