Song of Australian Bush

They called it dullness:
The bonny eucalypti;
The scraggy box tree;
The evil looking old man banksia;
The repetition of gum trees across the hills;
The stillness and dreary loniness.
This wildness of Australian bush!

The dullness, though, turn into various faces,
When they are not been observed.
Line of wattle in full bloom,
Decorated as the necklace of the bushland.
The tips of Eucalypti catch the very first rays of the rising sun.
Birds are sings and dancing for morning glory,
As the valleys are turning from dark to blue

I happen to see this,
While the shy maiden of bush revealing her hidden beauty.
I can’t utter a word,
As my heart beat fast.
Unexpectedly, I fall in love with you,
The Australian Bush!


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