My Day 26/7/13


Friday! It is Friday.

We have branch meeting on Tue. CEO talked about positive thinking and how we learn to love our job(there is a video about a man who is crazily excited to go to work on Mon). I don’t think we could truly love our job; besides this industry is not very creative at all. I think what we can do is to try not hate our job…

Since I know large portion of my salary has gone to tax and I don’t have any means to reduce my tax except having a baby or having an investment, I feel it is tiresome to work hard to earn more money. How to reduce the tax?I don’t want to have kids so I ripe out this option; I don’t want to do the doggy things or cheating; so the only way is to buy an investment property.

I have talked with my husband regarding this. Yes, I can 100% leverage the loan and the rent can contribute to my repayment. But from my calculation, I need to wait at least 20-30 years to pay off my mortgage.  The interest paid almost equal the value of the property. The winner always be the bank and lender! There are many Chinese immigrants prefer to buy houses. It is not strange that a family have more than 7 properties! I was persuaded to buy another property by no less than 10 people!!

It seems a trap! Yes we can getting richer and richer, but why and what’s next? Like we don’t have kids, so we don’t need to save for them, I can’t think of a good reason to become richer and keep investing. Once we buy an investment property, we have to keep working to extract the tax deduction benefit and save more to pay off loan. From my calculation, we have to work at lease 20 years more to support 2 properties. If not buying another property, we can pay off our existing loan in 2-3 years and we can save 3 years income to try a less stressful life.

So what is the point? I don’t find any fun in earning more and more. Our life will not change dramatically even we triple our income. We like to keep thing simple and not really interested in material life. This will not change…So I decide I won’t easily jump into investment property unless I have downfall cash to spend which is not likely to happen:)

Recently our company has joined a project to support the poor and homeless. We can drop canned food or non-perished food to a collection bin. These food will be delivered to people who need it. I found it a good idea and I will fully support it. One simple thing can make different. As common people, we may not be able to donate huge money but we can certainly give away everyday stuff to others. If you are interested in it, pls check this


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