My Day 18/7 which one will you chose?

sleep and sleep but still the same. terrible headache. But I feel much better emotionally. No use to feel down and I can’t escape work, so I try to make myself feel more ease. Cheer myself up.
take a pill this morning coz my head was really heavy. It works! I feel much better!
Tried to read the book about poem Miss Bean sent me…well… it is so hard for me!!!!!I can’t read more than 10 pages. Then I dropped it and read the History of England. I am hopeless..chop my head pls…
read 2 pages of History of western philosophy only. too tired to take notes and slip in my bed.
then read a story of The Grey Fairy tales edited by Andrew Lang in bed. The story tells about a young man who got lost in the forest and killed a bear to save himself(poor bear!). The death of bear freed the dame lake and the fairy gave him a pleasant.  The young man can choose either of : wisdom, wealth, long life, heath and beauty. Due to the hungriness and longing for being rich, the young man chose wealth. The fairy gave him a purse and said he can always get money from that purse.
With this purse, the young man live well and marry a beautiful wife. But he found that his parents have already pass away and only left regret in his heart. He felt boring after a while and determined to travel by himself. With the money, he travel all the courts and met all the kings.
Well, if you are waiting for the sad ending, then you are wrong. The young man did grow old and die but he die comfortably and pass his magic purse and magic hat (he acquired from one of the kings)to his sons. Wealth did reward people happiness and more interesting life though it can’t fight against death..But that is enough, right?
If you are the young man, which one will you chose?wisdom, wealth, long life, heath or beauty?


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