My Day 12/7/13 Woman with her room

V.W said that woman should have her own study room for writing and reading, regardless how small the room it is.

The demand of keeping a room for herself reflects the difficulties for women to guard their freedom and independence.

In my childhood, I was not allowed to close and lock my door as parents often broke in to check what I was doing. That is bad enough for a child who like to have her/his privacy. I was used to hide my comic books under the cover of a text book and I developed a way to draw pictures everywhere whenever I can, in the books, in a piece of paper or just in the desk. Sometimes I hided in my blanket with a weak light to read (because parents declare it is bad to sleep later than 10:30). If I chance to be awake whole night, I would stare in the entrance of my door and suspect to see a ghost-like shadow  creeping in.

I understand the importance to keep a private place from the very young age but the wish for a place for my own never come into reality till recently. I lived in the tiny dormitory with other 7 girls in high school and shared with 3 people in University. It is very annoy to live with so many people and you have no where to escape. I think that is part of the reasons why I don’t like school. When I studied in o/s, I have to share house with other people and always be bothered by noise and unnecessary social contact. I went to a wetland park nearby and hided myself near the lake. That is one of the happiest moments during the time I study the Master.

But the longing for a private and quiet room for myself never cease. Some people don’t need a separated place to stay and would prefer to mingle with people all the time; but some people, like me, can’t feel at ease if not been provided private time. For me, I can’t write a word if there is any noise hovering. Have to be absolute quiet and far from human beings.

Now my wish have come true finally. I have my own house and turn my guest room into a retreat. I read books at night in that room during weekdays and I study and write in the garage in the weekends. My husband shows his greatest support and respect for me and arranges everything in perfect.

I came to realise that, in order to have her own room, woman needs not only the spirit of independence but also the support from her family. There are some excellent female writers who have to scarify love and marriage for sake of freedom. Women nowadays are more likely to have her own room but most of them still be bothered by unreasonable amount of housework and child rearing. They were disturbed by noise, criticism, expectation from different people (within and outside the family), and pressure of work.

I show my gratitude  to my husband because I know how lucky I am to do whatever I like with sincere support from him.


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