My Day 7/7/13 Stories from story telling

Last time I have mentioned that story telling is one of the joys in my childhood. All animals, trees and flowers, stars, people and strange thoughts can be good materials for story just like the pieces of cloth to make the charming dress. The charm of story is, you will enjoy it as natural as enjoying a real adventure and your imagination will bring you unexpected satisfaction.

Most of famous story books are started from casual story telling. Examples can be found in Treasury Island (the author even made up a map of Treasury Island!!) and The Wind in the Willows. It was said that, one night, as a little four year old, Alastair had a bad crying fit, Grahame had to tell him stories about moles, giraffes and water-rats. These stories continued by 15 letters when the young boy went to the seashore.

Years later, when Grahame later offered these stories for publication, he described them as “a book of youth, and so perhaps chiefly for youth and those who still keep the spirit of youth alive in them: of life, sunshine, running water, woodlands, dusty roads, winter firesides, free of problems, clear of the clash of sex, of life as it might fairly be supposed to be regarded by some of the wise, small things ‘that glide in grasses and rubble of woody wreck’.”

The picture of a mother telling stories to a group of kids in a little room always remind us the joy of story telling(It doesn’t necessarily mean having a child can inspire the eagerness of telling stories. ). David Copperfields would never forgot the good old time that his nurse read him a story of crocodile in the kitchen.

I think each of us have ability or willingness to tell stories. We didn’t lack of ability to do this as we still have great interest in talking about ourselves in the internet; we merely engage more in virtual world rather than face to face communication. I feel positive of the future of stories(fairy tales, fork stories, picture book etc..) . Stories may be not true but the fun is real and we can enjoy the fun of story till we have grey hair and loose teeth!


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