My Day 6/7/13 Self learning

It seems days are getting longer and longer when approaching August. That is a good news for me as I can see winter is packing her bag, ready for leaving. I prefer spring and summer as I can get up at 7 since day break is earlier and I can go out more often than sitting indoor with my numb finger tips and toes.

Have sorted out the business stuff this morning. I have start using a new way of book keeping and money management, easier and straightforward. It is a learning curve for me, accounting in reality is quite different from accounting in academy.

Have consider typing the summery of book reading and stories to computer but once I touched the keyboard, the interest was gone. I just found it too much to type what I wrote in the note book to the computer. Merely want other people to share my reading? I am too lazy to do that. So I decide I won’t type my writing into computer, why double jobs? Maybe I can scan my writing to computer if needed to?

Packed up some clothes for donation in the morning. I haven’t brought clothes myself in the last 3 years. My mum and my husband have bought some for me but I found them too much still. By estimation, I wear 2-3 shirts, 1-2 jackets, 2-3 pants a weeks. I don’t wear skirt or dress in the winter. My summer clothes are too much, I haven’t wear all of them in the summer time. Any way, I asked my mum not to buy clothes any more and I want to downsize  my belonging to a few. I don’t understand why women are so crazy about clothes and fashion as they buy a lot but may never wear them. It would be more pleasant for me to spend the money on books and travelling than in clothes and fashion.

I am getting very excited when my reading approaching Elizabeth I (Currently I am at Henry VII). The more I read of Western History and Philosophy, the better I understand of English Literature. I haven’t give up to appreciate Eastern literature and history, but I found it very hard to get to the core of it. In order to learn Chinese History, you have to have a generally understanding of 5000 years of history and have to pick a period of it to further the study. It is quite impossible for one to fully understand the whole history and literature of China. I almost give up this ambition as I know life is short and we have to devote our time and effort on only some areas that we are most interested in. That is why I am very ignorant in Chinese literature and history even I am a Chinese.

Dad complained my study in History. In his opinion, it is a waste of time to learn what have past. He suggested I’d better read classic and learn more about investing and other practical skills. Well, I have grown up to an age that I can finally choose what I like and I would never give up my freedom in reading. I like classic and I am good at investing but I would prefer to pursue my interest in history, philosophy and art. Learning History and Philosophy is my first step; my next aim is at art. I found that all these knowledge are linked and connected. And we can say, there are no useless knowledge in the world.

It is no use to complain that education ruins our talents and we were ever bounded by defects of society. A lot of young people were wasting their time in expressing their unsatisfactory and anger of society but rarely amend what they miss by personal effort. Yes it is true that modern education didn’t reward us independent thinking and creativity development (not mention the political studies that cost us heaps of time) and we were forced to study those that we don’t like at all. But we can change our fate, we still have power to freshly start learning what we really interested in. Yes it is hard and tiresome to do that and there is no guarantee of success. But without trying, you will never know. Many people give up without trying and they greatly complain about their unhappiness. I don’t feel sympathy with them as I thought they desert the unhappiness as they haven’t try their best to come out from their bewilderment.

I don’t want to complain and it is quite useless to complain. I am not a talent while I am not stupid. I have limited freedom to start learning what I like and I am quite enjoy this process. I am also confident that, bit by bit, I can pursue my interest and I can achieve my personal goals by my hard work, intensive will power and my patience.



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