My Day 4/7/13 Fairy tales

Department down to 3 persons out of 6. So you can imagine how busy I am. But the busy status can recall the passion of work and I am quite enjoy it.

I have deleted lots of e books in my hard disc and kindle. I have downloaded heaps of resource but don’t have chance to read all of them; besides, some are not worth a read and some formats are not convenient to read in Kindle (eg. the txt ). 60% of the resource were deleted and in the future I will only download books when I need to read.

My current plan for reading is to finished Hume’s History of England and Russell’s History of Western Philosophy. I have finished History of England part A and B, up to Richard III, still have C,D,E to read. I have read Chinese version of History of Western Philosophy but not happy with that. So I start fresh in reading original version (English) and read it slow, taking lots of note. Both are huge works and will take me no less than 3 months. In between, I will read Fairy Tales edited by Andrew Long and some short stories or essay by different authors (picked randomly).

Talking about Fairy Tale, I never feel bore of reading it, even I don’t believe some of the stories. I remember the first book my dad bought me was a huge collection of fairy tales. The name of the book is Fairy Tales 365 in two volumes. I read it and reread it several times and even rewrote some of them. I like to tell stories to the other kids.In the stories, I am the prirate, the queen, the evil dragon, the miserable poor girl, the magic witch etc. Story telling is one of the entertainment in my childhood. My ability of story telling declineD when I went to school and now it almost gone after I started work. The more we grown up, the more we miss the fun in imagination and story telling.

I like fairy tales. They are simple but beautiful; illogical but imaginative; and always with surprise and sometimes motivate you to think about interesting aspect of life. We don’t have king and queen, prince and princesses nowadays, but we still have men and women, old and young, strong and weak. As human being exist, story telling will survive and continue to bring fun to children and adults.


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