My Day 29/6/13 Road Rage

Raining and raining. Seems it will never stop.

Slept till 9:30 and wrote a book review before talking with Miss. Bean. We haven’t talk much for a whole week and we each have some enlightenment from different means. Our bond is so strong and close, I can almost felt she is near me when I think of her. We were busy with our own life in the weekdays and happy to share our thought at the weekends. We are not just friends that share gossips but understand each other by the first instinct and motivate each other to learn and self-improving. I have gratitude in my heart that I have such a lovely friend. I wrote another page of letter to her and found I run out of letter papers. I will buy some papers and stamps tomorrow. Have to check a new writing table as well. I can do nothing if I sit close to the computer! So I need a table free from the computer and large enough for me to spread the books, papers and pens.

Granpapa came in the evening to tell us a road rage he encountered yesterday. A woman with 2 kids drove in left lane wanted to change to the right lane. By law she should wait till all the cars in the right lane pass before jumping in. But she ignored granpapa’s car and wanted to change lane immediately. Granpapa didn’t give way to her, which he done the right thing, but it greatly irritated the woman. When they came to the intersection when light turned to red, the woman left her car and came to the back of granpapa’s car. Guess what she did? She punched at the glass of the back! (Doubt if she felt hurt of the finger joints?) Granpapa worried if the glass broken and came out from the car,staring at he woman quietly (and being very nervous I think). The woman wanted to punch at granpapa but stopped and suddenly went back to the car (because the kids left in the car ??). Granpapa said, if she punch him, he can’t punch back, because she is a woman, he can’t hit woman. Such a gentlemen!

But the story hasn’t finished yet. The woman drove very close behind my granpapa’s car and kept chasing. Granpapa tried to circle in the roundabout, hoping some cars will come between them but sadly there were no car coming at that time. He drove back to the the main road that he just passed and the woman kept close at the back. It was such a breath-holding escape as the woman obviously be affected by drug or alchohe and who knows what will she do in that situation? She seemed happy to hit at my granpapa’s car! Granpapa caught a chance to drive to the police station nearby. The woman felt she won the battle and laughed and clapped her hands loudly and madly. The polices were sympathy with my granpapa and granmama; they provided drinks and food for them and suggested to call an ambulance to send them to hospital….Granpapa said he was so scared that he had stomachache at the police station and granmama was very very upset as well.

Road rage is getting worse and worse in Australia. People are very cranky and easily irritated. We saw in newspaper that people fight or even kill each other in the road rage. Have to be very careful to drive and if road rage happen, I dare not come out the car…

I read History of Western Philosophy by Russell at night. I have read the Chinese version but felt the translation sucks and looks like some of the lines are missing. I want to read the original one, though it may cost me approximately 4 months to finish by my estimation. I have felt more fun to read in English as the terminology in English is more easily to be understood and memorized. And the writing of Russell’s is such a delightful enjoyment.I have took lots of notes. And I have found a better way to take note of those large books.


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