Two Below Zero: A Year Alone in Antarctica


This book is about a Australian couples who spent a year in Antarctica.


Well, I have to say I expected to see more natural life and unknown aspects about south pole in this book. Antarctica is a mystery to many people.I am quite interested in the animals and all natural phenomena in south pole. But I doubt if I can stand the hostile weather if I been there. In fact, I don’t think I will be there in whole of my life.

Med_Don and Margie McIntyre1

This book talked more about the psychological conflict and incontinent life in the small hut. Being kept indoor most of time, Margie, the wife, became depressive and cried quite often. Different from the husband, Don, Margie were not very interested in exploration and adventure and long for social contact and civilized life; while Don quite enjoy the chance in Antarctica and felt OK to live far from the people. Most of time, esp in Winter, they have to cop with the difficulties of bucket run, ice melt down inside the hut, extremely cold weather and strong blizzard and lack of activities. The detail of every day chores and unhappy mood of Margie makes me to realise the relationship of human being is much more complicated. There are more conflict if people are put away in an solitary place and in result much more compromise each have to make in order to live on.


It is not a bad read and I recommend it to reader who are interested in life in Antarctica (or someone who dream of living there)


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