My Day 22/6/13

This is a very strange day. The sky was partly cloudy and partly sunny in my area. But when the train approaching city, rain became more heavy and weather was dreary cold. We haven’t bring any umbrellas and thus have to walked in the rain with our caps on. I mistakenly wore only one pant and regreted every minute when exposed in the hostile weather. It reminds me the first month I been in Sydney, cold, lonely, pondering but with full hope of the future…

Went to Japanese restaurant to have a good teat. We each have an eel bento with a plate of sashimi. I love scallops sashimi a lot a lot!!!Then walked back to station in the rain stopping at the basement bookshop. We picked 9 books at $8, my husband was overjoy.

Back home around 3:30. Nice and warm at home. Nothing is better than being at home!! Have a hot bath and talked for a while with Miss. Bean and I was “forced” to use Weixin the first time in my life. Well, I am just a piece of old wood and it takes me extra strength to learn new things. However, it doesn’t as hard as I expected and it has more function than QQ. My husband said his 55 year old colleague knows how to use Weixin while I don’t. Ok, welcome me to information age.

Extremely cold at night, temperature sometimes drop to 8 degree. Not a good weather to work. I have heard someone said that, those developed countries like Norway has max 35 working hours a week. Obviously Australia still not developed yet. Here by law is 40 hours max a week, but many people work more than that.

Catch a beautiful sunset and let’s call it a day:)


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