Hungry Woman

There is a woman,
Who has great appetite.
She married a man
Who is short and thin
She said he can’t satisfy her.

She always feel hungry,
So hungry that she almost eat everything
Everything which is real everything
Include the laundry powder (and she has not been poisoned!)

She has two lovely children
One boy and one girl
Fruits from her endless make love with her small husband
Forget to tell you-her hungriness can’t be cured by love-making!

She finally eat more than she thought
Girl first, boy next
She eats her two kids
One by one.

“It is your turn,” she said to her husband
And eats him with great pleasure.
She finally realise, one day
She has no food to eat.

She lay on the floor
Suffering from terrible hungriness
And sad for her empty stomach
Wait for the final moment to come.

People found that, after a week passed
No one in the poor house
Only the dead woman on the floor
Obviously stone dead from hungriness.

They feel sad about the woman
Scold for the husband who deserted her and took away her children
They will never know
The good food enjoyed by the hungry woman.


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