Plan for March

Papa and Mama will back to China at the end of Feb. How time flies! I feel I am the happiest girl in the world when they are with me.

My dear old Papa has visited most of the suburb by himself and my Mama quite used to the life and people here. They look more happy and outgoing when they are here than in China. Pa said, in China,

there is high degree of hostility

between people in China and people generally lack of smile; but here, people are more friendly and always willing to help. That is why he feel happier here and why he become nicer and brighter.

I will miss them a lot when they are away. I ask them to come around June but they are not decide yet. Anyway, if they decide to come next year i/o mid this year, we will have more free time kept for ourselves. We are now saving to buy a 2nd hand car, likely to buy it in 1-2 months. Then we will cook less (we hate to spend much time on eating) and eat simple. We will sleep a little bit late to save time for reading, I mean around 11pm to 11:30 pm, no later 12pm as always.


And I will go to library more often and try to finish reading History of England II. Spend less time on internet unless posting my diary and writing. But I will try to write everyday, too keep writing and keep my mind active.




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