Why men can have sex without love

I saw a msg this morning, questioning if men can really have sex with the girls they don’t have feeling with.

I think over this question for a long long time. First of all, the answer is yes, from all I know, even I hate to admit it.

More questions pop up:

1, why men do this? (physical need? But how about DIY?–not feeling good? some men claim that it is different from the real sex, which I can’t test if it is true.)
2, why men enjoy doing this?( They paid to have sex with whores, street girls or have sex with sex partners which means they don’t do this for earning bread, they do this because they need it and enjoy it)
3, if they can do it without love, why men still endeavour to seek a wife/partner who they claim they have feeling of love? (They said love and sex can be separated. But I think it is more accurate to say that they need both sex and love. Most of men, they will stop having pure sex after they find their partners because from their partners, they can have love and sex-safe sex)
4,But why some guys have sex with other women while they are in relationship or married?(From the view of women, I hate this sort of dealings because it is disloyal and dirty. But it is true that men do this quite often, otherwise there won’t be so many drama happens daily. Ok, they enjoy it and having sex with different women brings them pleasure that can make them feel superior and far away from the daily chore. In pure sex, they don’t have responsibility and they feel they are in control. That’s why guys not really want to have divorce once their conducts are revealed. They want stable relationship but they also want pure pleasure. Men are boys that refuse to grow up. From another perspective, in biological sense, males try to intercourse with as many as possible with different females in order to spread their seeds as much as possible. But nowadays, men do this not really for having more children, they do it because they like to do it.)

It is hard to understand all this. Emotionally and morally, it looks a bit dirty if men can have sex with women that they don’t love–looks like men are merely a apes that guided by natural demand. But objectively and universally, this conduct is quite normal and understandable.

Human beings need both love and sex, it just some people like sex more than love and having sex with different females give them pleasure while some treasure love more than sex and willing to stay with one partner.Whores exist because there is a massive market which men are itching to jump in.


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