The Only Summer(1)

In the dream, he walks upstairs of the office, turn left then steps into the spacious office. He feels so tired and wants to sit down. But another stairs lead to the 3rd floor reveals at the back of the chair. Frustrated though, he walks on and thinks that should be the end. He sees another office, with a large marble table and high ceiling. He carefully checks the back of the chair and found no stairs. Clear–he thus sits down and stretchs his legs. But legs touching no floor, another stairs leading down pop up below the table…

He walks on and on, sometimes upstairs, sometimes going down. Actually he have done this for years and years until he becomes too weak to walk. This weakness and lost twist and enlarge in his unsteady dreams.

Yes, he has climbed up the corporate ladders and becames the CEO. But what he gains besides that?

He still remember what Alaina said. That was dated back many years ago.

“Come with me. We will live on. We will make it works.” Alaina said.

Has he put any faith on it? Or he can’t trust himself?

If, if he choose to stay with her, in another place far away from the city, far away from any life mode that he is confident with, will there any different?


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